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Finishing Options

So once you have ordered your perfect timber framed garage or garden structure from Greenacre Oak, what next? The beauty of ordering just the frame is that the rest of the design and look is your own choice. Whether you continue to oak theme and clad this in oak weatherboarding and oak shingles for the roof or you look to use similar materials that are already used in and around your property to match an existing building, the choice is yours. The reason that buying just the oak frame has gained popularity is due to the fact that you can be so flexible with regards to the finished product and that the cost of buying a frame just makes more sense economically. Our frames are not only 100% oak throughout but you will also find that our specification with regards to the size of our posts is much larger than most other frame suppliers out there, giving you more oak for your money.

We specialise in the supply of a huge range of oak frames and can help and offer advice on a range of finishing options from our supply partners. Send us a request and we will send you some ideas.

We offer the following finishes: