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The Gloucestershire Oak frame is made from 100% European green Oak and is to be erected on a 230mm high brick plinth, This Oak structure is ideal for a single vehicle and has an internal floor area measuring 13.03m2 (140.28 sq ft) The log store adds and further 3.80m2 (40.90 sq ft) of usable floor space. The addition of the log store is a very traditional feature that is also very practical in its day to day use.Due to the design of the roof it can also accommodate some loft flooring which makes it ideal for extra storage within this space. The cat slide roof means the ridge height is lower on this Oak structure, meaning it may be possible to be constructed under the permitted development guidelines without full planning permission (subject to the relevant planning permission being obtained if applicable). We are also happy to offer advice on all other aspects of the building such as groundworks, bricks, staddle stones, cladding, doors, roof coverings and internal finishes. We can supply all of these materials and also offer you an installation service (installation service is subject to your location)

£8,600 + VAT
(delivery charge may apply)


Height: 3420mm
Height Total (Including Plinth): 3650mm
Entrance Height: 2100mm
Width: 4315mm
Depth: 5000mm
Front Corner Posts: 210 x 195mm
Front Center Posts: N/A

2D and 3D Drawings and Images are only intended to be indicative. We have a policy of constant product improvement, the frame which is delivered may deviate slightly from the dimensions and layout shown.

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About Greenacre Oak Frames

This Oak framed structure is constructed using 100% European green Oak, this includes the rafters, studs, posts, beams and braces. Every component in this structure is Oak unlike many other similar products that are offered on the market today, many of which use softwood components through out. As with all of our Oak structures there are many options and the building can be extended to incorporate multiple bays with additional features such as garage doors, windows, personnel doors and log stores.

All of our Oak frames are fully planed and traditionally jointed to make the construction of the Oak frame as easy as possible. Built to the high standards you would expect from Greenacre Oak, the building is of a traditional Oak framed design that provides a cost effective solution and yet still giving you the charm that a traditional Oak building has.

Oak framed buildings are enjoying a revival and Greenacre Oak are leading the way by combining the highest quality craftsmanship with stunning contemporary design.